Friday, June 13, 2014

Guess what time it is???

Blog tour time!!! The lovely Giselle over Xpresso Book Tours is coordinating another one for me for the release of Iris! Both Captivate Me and Iris will be reviewed by all the bloggers who sign up. See below for the banner in all its violet glory. Can't wait for September 1st!

Also, I've decided to throw out another crumb... ya know, since I love being generous and all. :) Keep on scrolling for an excerpt...

Love to all xoxo

***SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't read Captivate Me, the excerpt below will give a major plot point away!***

CHAPTER 5: Stories

Nothing. My books held no promise of anything as far as an actual cure was concerned. I was hoping since I’d spent most of my time over the years looking through other types of potions and not ones for healing, I might have missed something. Sure, there was a concoction to boost immune system functions –one I’d decided to go ahead and make for Rose; it could only help – and to soothe a scratchy throat or remove a wart. Nothing for cancer. I’d have to swallow my pride and ask the council for access to the sacred library. Not my idea of fun.

My knees felt like I had shoved ice picks into the tendons when I stood, blood flooding my legs with tingles as the feeling returned. I’d sat with my legs crossed for way too long.

Fireflies danced through the dark outside the window, but my mind was too mushy and distracted to stop and appreciate them as I usually do. They were the only company I truly liked to keep. I’d spent many nights watching them on our front porch during the summers with a glass of wine. They were the perfect guests – entertaining, yet silent.

Speaking of guests, I no longer heard Kai and Lilliana in the dining room. It was safe to leave.

Turning the lights off as I went, I made my way upstairs. The clock in the living room chimed twelve times. Midnight. A thrill ran through me – a dark conjurer’s natural response to this time of night. Something about the darkness in this hour; the quiet, haunting sensation it gives off feeds our own inner darkness. It’s transcendent.

Before retiring into my room, I checked on Rose. She was sleeping sound, much thanks to whatever Kai had given her, I’m sure. I brushed a kiss on her forehead, a pleased groan erupting inside her. She’d felt my presence, although she wasn’t fully conscious. My sister… my wise, graceful, beautiful sister. I love you.

I then decided to check on Lilliana, but I paused outside her door. A brief panic seized my heart. What if she’d invited Kai to her room? What if he’d obliged? What if they…

“He’s downstairs in the guest bedroom,” Claude whispered behind me.

I jumped. “And why would I care?” I blurted out and unclenched my fists. My nails had carved pink crescent moons into my palms. I turned to see him holding a basket of laundry under his arm with a smirk that said “I know why you care.”

“Just thought I’d share,” he said with a shrug and made his way to the laundry room.

As he toddled along, I fantasized about what potion I’d use on him next.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amazon Gift Card Winner for June!!!

Please forgive my tardiness! I've been SUPER busy with finishing Iris and other non-novel related things. Better late than never, right? :)

The $10 Amazon gift card winner for June is Christie B. Congrats, girl!