Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Writing Update - Title Reveal for my new YA Paranormal Romance Series

Morning, Angels! :) As we near the publishing date for Book Three: Destined for Fire, I wanted to share some news! At the end of the third and final installment, there will be a three-chapter sampling of the first book of my new YA series - The Captivated Series. The title for Book One is Captivate Me and it follows one of the characters you meet for the first time in Destined for Fire. And, as always, here is a little crumb:

“My mom had always told me – when you meet “the one”, you’ll know; they’ll captivate your heart the moment you lay eyes on them. I had always wondered, though, if my mom’s words of wisdom were finite – if they applied to everyone. Maybe those who had found their one great love were the lucky few, and maybe the rest of us would have to settle for less than earth-shattering.
SO excited!!! The estimated publishing date is still next spring, so check back soon or subscribe to my blog for more updates!

With Love,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Gift Card Winner!

It's the first again, and you know what that means! :) Time to name the devoted fan who won the $10 Amazon Gift Card for subscribing to my mailing list!

Drum roll please...

Vanessa O!!! Thanks, Vanessa, and I hope you enjoy your spoils. :)

Love to all,