Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Novella- The Alyx Rayer Series! Publishing Date and Summary Release!

I'm SO very excited to announce that I have a concrete publishing date for "A Race to the Finish", A Novella: The Alyx Rayer Chronicles! It will officially be available for sale on Amazon 4/1/2013. The date is later than originally anticipated, but it gives me and my cover artist more time to fine-tune! (Silver linings, right?) :-)

To celebrate, I've decided to also release the summary:

Alyx wasn't the only Angel of Protection charged with the daunting task of transporting her Marked safely to the gateway when they were summoned on that chaos-filled October day. Get to know the other seven Protectors and their gifted humans more intimately as you follow each of their journeys.

(Authors Note: This book is best tackled after reading Book One and Two of the series.)

May not be suitable for YA.

So simple, yet intriguing, I hope! I love all of my books, but this installment was by far one of my favorites to write! My dearest hope is that my readers love it as much as I.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My First Love - Fantasy

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What an Inspiration!

I usually don't post about things like this, but what I saw last night moved me to tears!

As I settled down to watch TV before bed, my remote stopped on the American Idol auditions toward the end of the show. Their last contestant was a man named Lazaro Arbos who's originally from Cuba. My first impression of him was "wow... handsome" and he had such a sweet spirit about him.

When he began introducing himself, you could tell he struggled with a speech impediment (it brought to mind when I watched the King's Speech, but a lot worse) and it broke your heart to watch him standing there in front of the judges and millions of viewers, vulnerable and humble. I found myself rooting for him, wanting so badly for him to blow them away with his singing... and boy did he ever!

See the video below to see what I mean! It just further proves how therapeutic and cleansing music is for the soul. Amazing.